How Do You Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Oil Tank?

Oil tanks are an absolutely crucial part of a functioning home. They store fuel needed for heating your home and operating important appliances. Tanks generally last about 15 years, but this can vary heavily depending on a number of factors, including how well the tank is maintained and how much daily use it gets. An old tank can break or underperform if it isn’t replaced on time, making life harder for you and your family. There are several signs you can look for when determining if it’s time for an oil tank replacement in Montgomery County.

Rust and Dents 

If a tank has been in use for too long, normal wear and tear will eventually cause it to rust, which usually indicates the advanced age of the tank. Corrosion can negatively affect your tank’s performance. Environmental factors can sometimes cause dents in your tank as well, which are difficult to repair without replacing the whole tank. 

Unstable Legs 

This is a problem commonly associated with faulty installation in above-ground tanks. If your tank was installed incorrectly or damaged, you might notice the legs of your tank appear uneven. A tank with uneven legs is unable to function properly, and this issue should be dealt with by a professional.  


Oil tanks should be dry to the touch. If you notice patches of moisture underneath or on top of your oil tank, it is likely evidence of a serious leaking issue that requires professional maintenance.    

Broken Vent Alarm 

Most modern oil tanks are built with a vent alarm that is designed to indicate when the tank is full. If you fill your tank to capacity but don’t hear the alarm, it is likely broken. Tanks with broken vent alarms are harder to operate and can cause problems for the owner. 


If you notice that your tank is burning through oil faster than it used to, it may be evidence of a leak or other malfunction. Older tanks that do this are very inefficient and can cost you more to operate every month than a newer, more efficient one. 

A malfunctioning oil tank can cause homeowners headaches for a number of reasons, but tank replacement is easier today than ever with professional help. If you would like to know more about options for oil tank removal and replacement in Doylestown, reach out to the experts at Professional Tank and Environmental today!