What Is Soil Remediation and Why Is it Important?

If you suspect that a tank or fuel supply line on your property has leaked, you should seriously consider looking into soil remediation services. At Professional Tank & Environmental, we provide a variety of approaches for dealing with soil contamination. The quickest and least expensive solution is generally to excavate the contaminated soil and replace it with clean backfill. Let’s take a look at what soil remediation is and how it works.

How Does Soil Remediation Work?

When excavating soil from a contaminated site, the soil is dug up for above-ground disposal in a landfill. Excavation also may involve underground oil tank removal in addition to the removal of other contaminated debris. Removing and disposing of these potential sources of contamination prevents people from being harmed by it, and it speeds up the process of cleaning up contaminated groundwater. But before excavation can commence, we must identify the areas that have been contaminated. This involves researching the site’s history to identify where specific contaminants may have been released over time. The soil is then tested to determine which contaminants are present. 

How Long Does Soil Remediation Take?

Excavating contaminated soil from a commercial property site can take as little as one day or as long as several months or more, depending on various factors. If you have a very large site with lots of contaminated soil, it could take a very long time for the soil to be excavated and replaced with clean backfill. The same goes for sites that have unusually high concentrations of contaminants, and sites with lots of rocks in the soil. Additionally, if the site of contamination is very remote or hard to reach, that could slow down the remediation process. But of course, these factors will vary depending on each individual site. 

How Can I Get Soil Remediation?

Professional Tank & Environmental can help your organization with all of your soil remediation needs. Whether you have a remote site with a large area of highly concentrated soil or you have a small patch of land that you simply want tested as a precaution, we have the skills and equipment needed to get the job done for you. We can also help with gasoline tank removal in Bucks County, PA, and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn more!