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Nothing to See Here: How to Disguise an Aboveground Oil Tank

Does your home rely on heat from an aboveground heating oil tank? Aboveground oil tanks can be a great way to heat your house and keep you and your family comfortable throughout the cold winter months. However, there’s no way around it: they’re a total eyesore on your property, and they can attract potential thieves. If you want to spruce up your outdoor space and deter crooks, here are some methods to disguise aboveground oil tanks.

Quick note: While attempting any method to disguise aboveground oil tanks, keep safety in mind. Make sure technicians will have access to the tank and ensure your tank is stored nowhere near any sources of heat or fire. When interacting with aboveground or underground oil tanks, keep safety in mind and use appropriate personal protective equipment. Do not attempt oil tank repairs or adjustments yourself.

Matching Paint

One of the simplest ways to disguise an aboveground oil tank is by painting it a color that better matches the wall it’s against or the area it’s in. While it won’t make your oil tank disappear, it can help the tank stick out less in your yard. 

Art Project

If you’re the artsy type, you might want to go the opposite route of painting the tank to match by hiding your tank in plain sight. Many creative painting options exist to make oil tanks look like any number of items, animals, or even sculptures. The sky’s the limit, but do consider the real estate value of your more quirky designs and remember to paint over them before you put the house on the market. But we’re not telling you what to do; you could also embrace it and use it as a selling point!

Privacy Fencing

One common way suburban homeowners disguise aboveground oil tanks is with fencing. Trellis fencing is a great choice because it provides adequate ventilation for aboveground oil tanks while still shielding the tank from view. Some people choose chain-link fencing with material to cover the links and create a more industrial look. No matter what fencing option you end up going with, make sure you don’t surround your oil tank on all sides as a technician will have difficulty accessing your tank after a snowfall.

Strategically Placed Hedges

Hedges are Mother Nature’s fences, offering attractive and natural privacy for your property and — you guessed it — serving as another way to disguise aboveground oil tanks. Hedges provide an elegant look to your property along with hiding tanks. However, they can take years to grow and require upkeep, such as pruning and trimming.

Flowers and Plants

Another natural method people rely on to disguise aboveground oil tanks is using plants and flowers planted around or near the tank. If this method sounds like one you’d like to try, use containers such as pots and flower boxes to your advantage to cover the most space possible. You can even use climbing plants on your existing fences to combine concealment strategies.

Sheds/Storage Areas

Is your tank in an area where you could use some storage anyway? Put a shed in front of it! A shed or storage area can be an easy but somewhat pricier way to hide an aboveground oil tank. This is most beneficial in yards that are fenced in with limited tank visibility from the street. 

Extended Decks or Patios

Perhaps the most complicated yet effective way to hide your aboveground oil tank is to build your existing deck, porch, or patio out so that the tank is underneath or concealed by the new addition(s) while still accessible to technicians. This solution is ideal if it works for your particular setup, but it is impractical for existing oil tanks that are far away from your deck or patio. However, if you have the chance to choose the location of a new oil tank, consider doing so in a place where you can make this particular solution work for you.

Tank Tubs and Covers

A particularly easy and relatively affordable method you can look into to disguise aboveground oil tanks is using “tank tubs” or “tank covers.” These are specially made to match your home or yard’s decor or otherwise disguise the tank. They fit around the entire body of the tank while still providing service access and also do double duty to protect against the possibility of your tank leaking. Talk to an oil tank service technician about brands and retailers they recommend for tank tubs and covers.

We’ve Got Your Tank “Covered!”

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