Professional Tank can remove and install new tanks aboveground in a variety of locations such as the basement, garage or outside the home.  An indoor location is the most desirable as it reduces condensation in the tank and protects it from the outdoor elements.  As a result, the tank life is significantly extended.

These days manufacturers are offering upgraded paint and coatings to extend the life of the outdoor tank and minimize the maintenance required from the homeowner with a standard primer coated tank.  Professional Tank carries and installs every variety available.

As with any fuel storage tank, being proactive is the best way to avoid a costly emergency pump-out or spill.  Call us today for a free tank inspection and estimate!

Aboveground Tanks
Aboveground Basement Tanks Or outside Tanks

​All outside aboveground tanks are installed on galvanized tank legs and feet.  Once the tank is leveled we run new fill and vent piping to the exterior of the home.  A tank gauge is standard with the installation and allows the homeowner to monitor their own fuel level.  We run new oil lines either overhead or underneath depending on what the situation demands. Oil lines are secured with clips and screwed into place for maximum safety.

All aboveground tank are installed on prefabricated 24″x36″x2″ concrete pads. The pads are leveled with crushed stone after a weed barrier is put down. The new tank is installed with galvanized tank legs and feet. All piping and fittings on top of the tank are painted to protect them from corrosion and match the tank.  The exposed oil line is insulated with “Armaflex” to help reduce line freeze-ups and protect the line from damage.