Tigerloop Products

More than just a problem solver!
For years, Tigerloop has been primarily thought of as a problem solver, a “band-aid,” used to economically cure air and suction line problems. But, that’s only part of the story! All systems benefit from Tigerloop’s unique ability to condition the oil prior to burning. Whether it’s air elimination, nozzle coking problems, vacuum reduction, oil preheating, or just the elimination of that potentially leaky return line, Tigerloop is today’s safe, economical choice for all oil supply systems.

The Advantages of Tigerloop…

  • Safely Handles suction line air leaks
  • Reduces running vacuum for clear, foam-free oil at the nozzle
  • Removes air entrained in oil during transporting and delivery
  • Eliminates potential leak hazard by eliminating the return line
  • Preheats oil for cleaner combustion
  • Extends filter element life

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