Professional Tank & Environmental Services
InstallerAt Professional Tank & Environmental, we take care to provide our customers with high quality services to meet their heating oil supply repair needs. We are available to take your service request 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We provide a variety of services including:

We will pump-out all or a specified amount of fuel, water and/or sludge from your aboveground or underground heating oil storage tank.  All petroleum product is disposed of in accordance with PADEP regulations.

Temporary Fuel Supply Set Up

When fuel tanks go bad temporary fuel supply is normally required during the heating season or when oil is used to heat hot water.  Our crews will pump-out our your compromised storage tank and set-up a temporary 55 gallon supply tank.  We will transfer over your usable heating oil and store the remaining gallons in our inventory until a new tank can be installed.

Oil Supply Line Repair or Replacement
All of our crews and service trucks are fully equipped to diagnose and repair any oil supply line issues that may be preventing you heating system from operation.  If most circumstances, we can replace the oil supply lines if repair is not an option.

Fill & Vent Piping Repair / Replacement
 As per local, state and federal codes, all fuel storage tanks must be properly piped with a fill and vent to ensure that spills and overfills do not occur.  We can evaluate your piping and provide a free estimate to repair or replace the piping to avoid interruption of your fuel deliveries and possible environmental issues within you home.

Tank Leg & Foundation Repair
Aboveground and basement heating oil storage tanks must be supported on black iron pipe legs and supported by a solid concrete base.  A full 275 gallon tank weighs over 2,000 lbs. and can put undue stress on the fill and vent piping if the base is not solid and/or the legs are corroded.  We offer free estimates to make the necessary repairs.

We offer many more smaller and specific services that we can review and discuss with you at any time.