Underground Oil Tank Removal

At Professional Tank & Environmental, we are your expert oil tank removal company. We offer underground oil tank removal services for both residential and commercial clients throughout the Philadelphia region.

We specialize in providing property owners throughout the area with removal, installation, remedial and emergency services for underground heating oil and diesel storage tanks. This makes finding a reputable Pennsylvania regulated tank removal company vital as a leaking tank underground can cause extensive damage to your property and be detrimental to the environment.

We are proud to serve the following areas with the finest underground oil tank replacement and removal services:

  • Philadelphia
  • Bucks County
  • Montgomery County
  • Lehigh County
  • Chester County
  • Delaware County
  • Yardley
  • Bristol
  • Morrisville
  • Newtown
  • Bensalem
  • Doylestown





When removing your underground oil storage tank, we ensure that all of the petroleum product is fully removed from the tank prior to its excavation. All petroleum is manifested and disposed of in accordance with regulations set by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Our professional and friendly staff will empty, excavate, cut, clean and then remove your tank. We then dispose of the removed oil tank at a licensed salvage facility and the excavated area is backfilled with screened topsoil.

Gasoline Tank & Diesel Removal

We provide Pennsylvania regulated tank removal for a variety of different tanks including ones that run on gasoline and diesel. We even provide emergency response for underground oil tank leaks and provide the necessary removal and soil remediation services for our clients.

The longevity of your tank depends on the soil conditions and the construction of your tank. Your tank, which can last anywhere from 10 to 50 years, can be harmful to the surrounding soil on your property if left leaking.

Our technicians would remove the leaking tank and set up a temporary tank in its stead. They will then provide soil remediation services to provide your property with clean, uncontaminated soil. It will also keep you in adherence to other environmental laws.

Professional Tank & Environmental employs their own crew and owns their equipment, not requiring the work of subcontractors. This gives homeowners peace of mind knowing who is working on their property.

In addition to their underground oil tank removal service, their skilled staff provides homeowners with a variety of products from manufacturers such as Granby, Roth, Specialty Tank & Welding, Tank Tub and Tigerloop among others.

Residents of areas such as Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Lehigh County, Delaware County, Chester County, Bristol, Yardley, Newtown, Bensalem, Morrisville and Doylestown can turn to Professional Tank & Environmental for underground heating oil and diesel storage tank services.

If you need underground oil tank removal service right away, do not hesitate to contact our experts at Professional Tank & Environmental for 24/7 emergency services. You can reach us by calling 215-720-1964 or filling out a contact form for a free evaluation today.