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An oil tank gauge

How to Read an Oil Tank Gauge

When your home is powered by heating oil, it can be easy to forget about checking your oil levels if you schedule periodic heating oil delivery. After all, before you run out, there’ll be more fuel oil arriving soon, right? Well, yes…most of the time. Should you use more than you typically do before your automatic delivery refill arrives, you could be in deep trouble. While there’s no doubt that home heating oil delivery service can be extremely convenient, you should always learn to check your heating oil tank’s gauges yourself.

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Residential oil tank in the basement

Why Spring Is the Perfect Season to Replace Your Oil Tank

Spring is the season for cleaning, which is why it makes sense you would consider replacing your old oil tank during this season. After all, isn’t spring cleaning just describing how you purge your home of all the things that don’t serve a purpose anymore? Your indoor storage tank was only designed to last about 25 years, and now that that time has come and gone, your tank is likely not serving your needs very well. So, this spring, consider replacing your heating oil storage tank.

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privacy fence

Nothing to See Here: How to Disguise an Aboveground Oil Tank

Does your home rely on heat from an aboveground heating oil tank? Aboveground oil tanks can be a great way to heat your house and keep you and your family comfortable throughout the cold winter months. However, there’s no way around it: they’re a total eyesore on your property, and they can attract potential thieves. If you want to spruce up your outdoor space and deter crooks, here are some methods to disguise aboveground oil tanks.

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