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An oil gauge.

Does Homeowners’ Insurance Cover Oil Tank Leaks?

When it comes to whether homeowners’ insurance covers oil tank leaks, the answer is that it depends on your individual policy. Most standard homeowners insurance does not cover oil spills and other environmental damages caused by an underground oil tank leak. However, you may be able to purchase additional coverage for ecological damage from your insurer. It’s important to note that if a leaking underground oil tank is discovered on your property, all associated clean-up costs must be paid regardless of whether or not you have an applicable policy. Continue reading

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How Can I Tell If I Need Soil Remediation Services?

Homeowners have a wide range of potential issues they have to deal with on their property. Keeping track of the more apparent problems affecting your property can usually get by with a quick visual inspection. However, other potential hazards require a bit more detective work to determine what’s wrong with your property. For example, if something is ailing your soil, it can take months or even years to realize something is wrong. So how can you tell if you need soil remediation services from Professional Tank & Environmental?

Inspect Your Property’s Oil Tanks

An above-ground oil tank offers a more readily available way of checking for leaks in your system. You can perform a quick visual inspection and look for any signs of leaks or cracks that can lead to soil contamination. However, underground tanks present a more complicated proposition for homeowners. 

There are some signs you can look for to tell if your underground tanks have started leaking and have contaminated the nearby soil, including the following:

  • Apparent discolorations in the soil
  • Strong odors coming from the area around your tank
  • Nearby gardens that once thrived have started to wilt
  • Take a sample and send it off for professional testing

Schedule Soil Testing

There are a few ways to determine if your yard needs soil remediation services. Start by assessing the condition of your soil and any potential contamination from sources such as fuel tanks or other hazardous materials stored on the property. If you find that there may be an issue, it’s best to contact a professional for soil testing in Bucks County, PA. After the process is complete, they can provide advice regarding tank removal services and any other necessary remediation needed to restore your land.

How Can You Begin the Remediation Process?

When remediating your contaminated soil, you have some options at your disposal. Understanding your options, which makes the most sense for you, and finding a tank removal service in Montgomery County, PA, that can handle the job is more important than ever. 


You can get soil remediation experts to come out to your property, dig up the contaminated soil, and replace it with fresh earth. They take the contaminated dirt and transfer it to a landfill for disposal. The new topsoil gives your property a fresh look and is distributed throughout your land.

Soil Blending

This remediation technique involves mixing the contaminated soil with fresh dirt, creating a new mix with a lower concentration of contaminants. This mixture aims to create a unique blend that meets all local guidelines and becomes a much less significant threat to your property. 

Trust Professional Tank & Environmental With Your Soil Remediation Needs

When you discover that you have a leaking oil tank on your property, you must take measures to prevent it from damaging the soil too much. Prioritizing soil remediation and oil tank removal services will help protect your property and the surrounding environment from dangerous chemicals. Our soil remediation and oil tank removal experts will help address your property and save it for the long haul. Contact our team to learn more about our services and schedule your next appointment today!