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Granby vs. Roth: Which Oil Tank is Right for Your Home?

Spring is here, and for many, it’s time to change out their old, possibly damaged oil tank. When they do, they will have a decision to make between two industry titans: Granby steel tanks or Roth double-wall tanks.

While you can always consult the professionals at Professional Tank & Environmental, it pays to do your own research. Here is a brief summary of both that should help you decide which is right for your home.


This is the most common tank on the market and in use and the type of tank most HVAC technicians have worked on. The standard sizes are 270 and 330 gallons and they are the tanks you most often see in people’s basements.

Benefits of Granby

Granby tanks have room at the top for both a regular oil gauge and a smart oil gauge, which lets you monitor your oil use from your smart device. They also come in several sizes. Because most homes already have a Granby, replacing it is much easier than fitting a new tank.

Additional Considerations

The Granby oil tank comes with a shorter-term warranty. Because it is a single tank and metal, it can corrode over time.


Roth has a sleeker, more modern and environmentally friendly oil tank. Its double-wall feature is comprised of a plastic inner tank and an external metal tank.

Benefits of Roth

The double-wall provides two main benefits:

  • The plastic inner tank will not corrode, which extends the life of the tank
  • If for some reason the plastic tank fails, the metal tank serves as a repository for any leaking oil.
  • In addition, Roth oil tanks are smaller than Granby and can fit in tighter spaces.

Additional Considerations

Roth double-wall tanks are typically more expensive and you can only have either a standard oil gauge or a smart oil gauge.

With either type of tank, you get a well-regarded product. The basic differences are price, size options, ease of installation, and personal preference. If, however, you cannot decide, the experts at Professional Tank & Environmental would be glad to offer their assessment of what fuel tank would work best for you! For more information about underground oil storage tank and aboveground oil storage tank services, reach out to our team today.