How to Tell if an Underground Oil Tank Is Leaking

For underground oil tank owners, leaks are likely to occur at some point in time, especially as the tank gets older. Oil tank leads are a significant concern because they can harm animals, people, property, and the environment as a whole. As the leading provider of underground oil tank removal in Montgomery County, we’ve compiled a list of signs that indicate an underground leak. If you notice anything mentioned below, call our team for a professional inspection immediately.

There Is an Oil Sheen Present in Your Water

If you can see an oil-like sheen on the groundwater surrounding your property, this is a signal that your oil tank has been leaking for some time. Additionally, if you take a sample of water from your sump pump and there is a sheen to it, it’s a clear indication that your tank is leaking.

Your Heating Bill Increases Significantly

If your heating bill has suddenly risen to disproportionate levels, this may have been caused by an oil tank leak. Firstly, consider what else may have caused this increase before assuming that the oil tank has caused the problem. Once all other possibilities have been ruled out, give us a call to arrange an inspection.

Your Home or Outdoor Area Smells Like Oil

If there is an oily smell in your garden and seeping through your open windows, then you probably have a leak in your oil tank. You must deal with this issue as quickly as possible, as it could endanger you and your family if left unattended.

Plants Are Dying Above Your Water Tank

If the vegetation above your oil tank is starting to die, this is a pretty conclusive indication that there could be oil leaking into the topsoil. This is an urgent matter, as the leak could spread and cause environmental damage to neighboring properties and water supplies.

There Are Patches of Stains of Your Property

If you are noticing dark brown, smelly, oily spots around your property, they are probably coming from a hole in your underground oil tank.

For oil tank removal and inspection in Montgomery County, contact a member of the Professional Tank and Environmental team today.