Signs That You Need to Hire a Pro For Oil Tank Removal

As the leading provider of oil tank removal services in Philadelphia, we’re on hand throughout the year to help home and business owners deal with oil tank issues.

If you own an oil tank on a residential or commercial property, it’s essential to consider the safety of the areas surrounding your property. Sometimes, this requires scheduling a professional oil tank removal.

Leaky oil tanks can damage the environment, creating the need for costly soil remediation and clean-up.

 Below are three tips to help you in identifying a leaky oil tank:

You’re Experiencing Ongoing Water Problems

Changes in your water’s appearance, taste, and smell are all signs that there could be a problem with your oil tank. It’s inconvenient to have your water supply cut-off due to contamination, so we recommend calling a professional as soon as any changes in water are discovered. 

The best way to stop an oil tank from contaminating water supply is to have the tank removed or filled. This will help to prevent any leaks and maintain the structural integrity of the tank.

The Ground Above Your Oil Tank is Turning Brown

Oil that leaks into the ground can cause visible damage to the surrounding grass and plant life. The soil may end up turning an oily brown color, and the grass can also start to turn brown. Plants can eventually die, and a gassy odor may be prevalent near the area around where the tank is positioned. If you identify any of these signs, we recommend that you call an oil tank removal expert and schedule an inspection as soon as possible.

The Structure is Compromised

If your oil tank is below the ground, you won’t be able to spot any structural issues. However, if the container is positioned above the ground, you should check the integrity of the structure regularly to ensure there are no cracks or weak points that could cause a leak. If you spot any rust on the tank, weather damage, or material damages, call an expert and schedule essential repair work.

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